Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Deaf Smiths

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Deaf Culture - Comic Strips and Cartoons

Jamie Berke wrote this excellent article on deaf culture and comic strips that I thought you should see. Not many people in our community are aware of us deaf cartoonists and the work we do. More word needs to be spreaded about SIGNews' monthly Humor page and the contributions we artists make for! Do you know of any deaf cartoonist who should be listed or recommended? If so, inform him or her of opportunities that are offered by SIGNews and! FYI, SIGNews, which publishes a hard copy newspapers on a monthly basis, offers pay for artists/cartoonists. SIGNews also offers 1 or 2 years subscription for interested readers., on the other hand, is operated by an individual artist, Adrean McCann, and is a place for deaf cartoonists to express their opinions or viewpoints voluntarily. There are several other publications, I believe, that are open to publication of deaf artists' works, but SIGNews is the leading publication I know so far for publishing deaf cartoons.

Just a short note - here's my new email My profile has just been updated!

Mr. See-Man: Ten Years Anniversary

Howdy, folks, I'm back! Hope y'all had a great Memorial Day weekend! Mine was a blast! Enjoyed kicking back in the swimming pool with my friends at a bbq under the bright sun. It was very nice. By the way, salutes to our fallen soldiers and comrades on duty in won't be forgotten! My heartfelt salutes to all veterans of World War I & II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Gulf war, too! My late grandparents were veterans of WWII, among many soldiers and diplomats who helped defeat the Nazis in Germany! God bless y'all!

Now...ladies and gentlemen, some of you were perhaps wondering who Mr. See-Man was? "Do you remember Mr. See-Man?" A character I created in '96 for a comic strip I did for SILENT NEWS? Anybody of you read SILENT NEWS? Hmm...I sense some of your heads shaking no...allright, allright, I realize some of you were still in high school, faces covered with zits, pushing pencils on your homeworks back then. But don't sweat! To treat you newbies and old-timers, here's a commemorative copy of the original comic strip where Mr. See-Man first appeared, this time...IN FULL COLORS! Now you will finally understand why J.K.F. should have paid attention to Mr. See-Man's warning and ahem...not "poo"! Haw haw... :D

Monday, May 15, 2006

Gallaudet Protests

Hi, folks, welcome to my cartoon blogs page! Here are two currently new cartoons that I just did for Check 'em out! Those cartoons will be posted there on, too. See my two previous cartoons there that I did last week as well. Go to this link:

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